Tracking your Courses
Made Easy

Let WaveCE help you keep track of your CE courses and requirements.


A better way to track your courses

No more looking through your files or folders to see which CE courses you have completed.

  • Easy Course Tracking

    WaveCE helps you keep track and organize both the courses you have completed as well as the courses you intend to take. Plan out courses ahead of time to make sure you will meet your certification requirements.

  • Certification Reminders

    Receive email notifications to let you know how far you have progressed towards your CE goals. We will remind you when your certification is due so you don't miss the important date.

  • Quick Audit

    Fast and easy audit preparation when CE requirements are due. No more looking for proof of completion certificates in different locations.

  • Plan ahead

    Add and track courses you plan on taking to give you a more complete picture of your CE progress.

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Integrated Rehabilitation Group

This CE software is great! Easy to use, helps keep me organized, and plan for continuing education. Love it!

the boss
Kevin Anderson
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Alehouse on Winslow

WaveCE helped me organize and track my courses. I love keeping all my certificates in one place.

the boss
Zach Eller
CEO, Alehouse on Winslow

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Tracking CE courses doesn't have to be hard.

Save Time

Effortless upload and tracking of CE courses and requirements

Lower Stress

One click away from providing all necessary documents for audits

Stay Organized

Simple arrangement of courses and notification of your progress towards completing your CE requirements

Focus on Learning

Just upload your completed CEs and we will organize and track for you so you can just keep learning

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost

Currently accounts and all features are free. We plan to introduce new paid plans that will provide users with more features in the future.

Do you support my industry?

Yes. WaveCE is industry agnostic. You can track CE courses for any industry or organization.

Have a question or need support?

You can get in contact with us at

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